Welcome to Mini Adventures in Wales

I’ve always loved travelling, but for various reasons my long haul flying opportunities are pretty limited these days. So instead I’ve decided to make it my mission to explore the country I call home: the small country with the big heart, Cymru – Wales.

I started this ‘travel project’, for lack of a better word, in mid-2016. I plan to document all my mini adventures on this site, to try and give you some ideas for fun packed mini adventures that you can have close to home.

I’m pretty skint so most of these adventures will probably tend to be on the cheaper side – if you’re looking for a luxury travel guide, this isn’t it! But what it will do is to pick out some diamonds from the rough, and hopefully give you inspiration to do your own ‘staycations’ if overseas travel isn’t an option for you either.

Welcome to Wales 🙂

About me: female, dog lover, campervan owner, mid 30s, no kids, based in SE Wales. Read on through my adventures to find out more!


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